How To Use Eggs For Hair growth


Have you ever thought about how important eggs are to your diet? Growing hair can be challenging depending on health, genes, and diet. In half a year your hair can grow around 3 to 4 inches longer.

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Having strong healthy hair can be as simple as adding 1 step to your diet. Your favorite eggs in the morning can provide both biotin and protein. Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, or even fried eggs may be essential to increase hair growth.

70% of hair is made of keratin protein. Eggs contain protein that can rebuild dry damaged hair creating strong moisturized hair. iBiotin is also found in eggs, it is a mineral that can increase hair length and thickness. 

It doesn’t matter what hair type you have, incorporating eggs into your diet is quick and easy. Eating eggs is the natural way to increase the level of biotin and protein your body needs to promote healthy hair.

Say goodbye to shedding and hello to long healthy hair.



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