Study Shows Stress Can Alter Sperm, Impact Brain Development Of Baby

According to a study authored by Dr. Tracy Bale, stress can alter sperm and impact the brain development of a child while still in the womb.

The research details that a biological mechanism based on the father’s experience with stress can influence fetal brain development in the womb. The effects of paternal stress can be transferred to the unborn child through changes in the extracellular vesicles that then interact with maturing sperm.

“There are so many reasons that reducing stress is beneficial especially now when our stress levels are chronically elevated and will remain so for the next few months” – Dr. Tracy Bale

With people being forced to stay home due to the COVID-19 I have to imagine that sexual activity is ascending right now. I think it is important that if a couple happens to have a baby, that they both avoid as much stress as they can.



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