20 Simple Weight Loss Tips


There really aren’t any magical secrets to losing weight. It can be as simple as working out consistently and having a balanced and healthy diet. But from time to time we may need to read or see the simple things to get to our weight loss goals.

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Here 20 super simple weight loss tips you may or may not be doing.

  1. Stay away from carbohydrates
  2. Workout consistently
  3. Cook more/eat out less
  4. Write down your goals and track your progress
  5. Avoid sugary drinks
  6. Don’t oversleep
  7. Eat smaller portions
  8. Walk more
  9. Try to be around people with similar weight loss goals
  10. Drink lots of water
  11. Lift weights
  12. Vegetables and Fruits are a must
  13. Chew your food completely
  14. Reduce the amount of red meat
  15. Do whatever you have to do to stay motivated to reach your weight loss goal
  16. Own a scale
  17. Don’t have a cheat day
  18. Get into juicing
  19. eat more protein
  20. Stay consistent

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