What Are The Health Benefits Of Goat Yoga

In recent year goat yoga has become a phenomenon. Goat yoga was actually started by Lainey Morse in Oregon. Lainey Morse happens to be a Yoga instructor and owns her own farm and things took off from there.

The growing popularity even has some celebrities doing goat yoga now.

WWE Sasha Banks
Kevin Hart

Before we get into the true benefits of goat yoga, what exactly is goat yoga?

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What Is Goat Yoga?

Goat yoga is a normal yoga class in a group setting, and miniature goats are present. The goats roam freely and play, jump up and snuggle with yoga participants as they transition from pose-to-pose. The goats are basically present to provide a positive happy environment.

The Yoga Bible

Benefits Of Goat Yoga

It has been reported that people who suffer from depression, anxiety, or high levels of stress find mental therapy in goat yoga. Goat yoga participants rave about how interactive the goats are during the session. Goats are notorious for being climber so it is not a surprise when the goat climb on to the yoga participants well they are in a certain position. The goat is merely a therapy animal to say the less.

So even though yoga is designed to work on your mind and body. Goat yoga does the same with the small goats acting as an enhancer to the experience.

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