When Will We Stop Eating Hot Dogs?

Assuming you know that hotdogs are whatever is left over from the butchering of beef, pork, and chicken. I am assuming you know that hotdogs are also made with other processed meats and fillers to get it to look a certain way.

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I am assuming you know that the USDA does not require manufacturers to list all of these fillers on labeling. I am assuming you know that doctors caution women who are pregnant to avoid hot dogs because the bacteria may be harmful to the women and the baby they’re carrying

Assuming you know all of that, my question is simple. Why are we still eating hotdogs? A better question when will we stop eating hot dogs? According to Dr. Mercola 17% of choking accidents among children. Cheaper hot dog brands will use parts of the animal like fat, claws, and even feet.

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It will take none of us too much research to come to the conclusion that hot dogs are unhealthy. In America where our healthcare system has been in constant turmoil, I would think Americans should prioritize their health more than ever.

I don’t want to tell people what to do, but STOP EATING HOT DOGS!


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